Tench Lake

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Tench lake The Tench Lake at around four acres attracts anglers looking for some excellent quality tench fishing, and they are not disappointed.

More heavily stocked the lake is capable of large catches of tench in the 5-6lbs range yet still produces plenty of fish 7-9lb & fish to double figures on occasions

This tree lined lake is extremely picturesque with its willow clad island and offers comfortable fishing from over fourteen swims

Weedy throughout the summer months, high water quality and rich with invertabrate life careful bait placement is the key to success on the lake, but dont ignore the margins as many of the fish are caught from under your rod tip.

The lake holds some impressive carp, a stunning dark mirror at over 40lbs with further mirrors to 35lbs. Ghost carp to 32lbs, and grass carp to 39lb complimented by several mid twenties and upper doubles the lake stands out as a big fish water worthy of some attention. With a further small introduction of large common carp in March 2015 and a beautiful scaly mirror in 2019 these fish will grow quickly in this rich environment and soon be topping mid twenties to add to the diversity of fish this lake holds.

Pike fishing on this lake in the winter months can produce fish to 24lbs

Renowned as one of the best tench lakes in Norfolk, these beautiful dark green fish attract anglers from all over the country, not just for the large catches that are possible but for the pleasure of catching quality tench in lovely peaceful surroundings, using modern bite alarm tactics or just a simple float in the margins.

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