Main Lake

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Main LakeThe largest of the three lakes at the fishery at 5.7 acres the 'Main lake', also known as Church lakes was at one time home to Norfolk's largest carp 'Baby Face' weighing a fantatsic 53.10.

The possibility of catching this fish alone drew many anglers to the fishery and the lake is still the main focus for carp fishing at Charity Lakes today for the quality of the fishing this lake provides and superb condition of our carp.

This tree lined lake has a small central Island with depths varing from 9 feet to around twenty feet and has several gravel features, a shallow key hole bay is out of bounds to fishing but during spawning times the carp can be viewed here in numbers. The lake is weedy in the shallower areas at times throughout the summer months yet the weed is the key to the success of the lake producing high water quality and the invertabrate life which helps the fish attain the impressive growth characterstics

Our stocking policy also ensures the fish have the right conditions to maximise their growth potential and the lake currently holds a large stock of stunning thirties and produces further carp to 45lbs with lots of others around the high twenties. Our future stocking program will be centred on this lake using selected high quality fish with double figure weights being stocked in following seasons.

The Main lake is not so well known for its tench fishing and has managed to hold onto its secrets for far to long, yet produces large tench every season and has recently produced tench to 12.12lb with many others pushing the double figure mark, tench of this quality are now rightly gaining anglers attention and we expect to see more fish of this calibre brought to the net along with some quality bream to 16lbs. Pike also thrive in the lake with an impressive fish at 30.08lbs caught December 2012, with others around the mid twenties.

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