COVID19 Announcement

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Following the announcement by the government on Monday 23rd March introducing new unprecedented measures & restrictions on movement to help curb the spread and impact of the COVID 19 virus, as a responsible Charitable Trust we have taken the decision to follow the governments advice fully that all non essential business must close therefore I am sorry but we will not reopen Charity Lakes Fishery in the near future.
In the governments announcement it was said the measures would be reviewed by them in three weeks time therefore we assume on or around 13th April, once we have ourselves reviewed their advice we will make a further announcement to you regarding the reopening of the fishery.
As you can appreciate these are unprecedented times and these processes are very fluid & fast moving causing uncertainty and concern throughout so we trust you will understand the need for this announcement and while Im sure you will have many questions which Im more than happy to try and answer all we ask is please be patient as I can assure you we will intend to reopen the fishery as soon as we can safely and sensibly do so.
If you wish to contact the fishery please do so via E-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Chris Oakley Fishery Manager


Fishery Update Spring 2019

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41.4 lee

Another exciting start to our 2019-2020 season sees many of our big carp already on the bank like our big common pictured above at over 41lbs, most of our big fish have gained weight over the winter and we now estimate at having over twenty plus fish at 30lbs and above with several of these now looking to reach forty over the next year or so just in the Main lake alone.

The future of this wonderful fishery is looking very exciting following the investment put into the stocking program over the last few years beginning to show excellent results.

lee 0419

The fishery is not only producing stunning carp but also the customary large bags of quality tench with a notable catch of around fifty tench plus three double figure bream falling to one member in the first few weeks of the season, also noted are great catches of bream and tench from our Long Lake, this lake sometimes gets overlooked at first glance but with carp just under 30lbs, tench to over 9lbs and double figure bream its a lake worthy of any anglers attention and can be fished on our long lake or Bronze permit.

Charity Lakes is the premier mixed species fishery in the Wensum Valley, to get your chance to experience this wonderful fishery get in touch via our membership page.


Fishery Update Spring 2018

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Exciting start to the 2018-19 season sees our big Common carp on the bank at over forty pounds (pictured above)

This stunning fish was just one of a large catch of fish within the first few days to one member who also took a further two carp to over thirty pounds, half a dozen sizeable tench and a double figure bream to round off a memorable few days at the fishery. This fish is great news for the fishery as we had been expecting this and possibly another fish to top the forty pound mark sometime soon as they continue to increase their size in the rich waters we have here at Charity Lakes.

With many of our stocked fish from Dinton Pastures increasing by 4-5lbs a year it wont be long before we hope to see many others up around this size as the fishery really starts to show its pedigree to produce very large amazing looking carp.


Since opening several of our other members have got amongst the fish and with some warm weather now forecast its hoped the warmer waters will bring many more fish onto feed. The tench have been obliging to with members taking the customary large numbers of fish from the tench lake so expect some hectic sport if you venture onto this lake.


The fishery is looking in superb condition and we are expecting a fantastic season ahead as we have invested in the fishery over the winter especially with the installation of a new section of purpose built tornado otter fencing as we intend to replace and strengthen our existing fence over the next few years. We have a few permits still available so if you fancy the possibility of a 40lb plus common this season get in touch via our membership page.


Fishery Update 2017

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As we look forward to a new season beginning on 3rd April 2017 its time to reflect on an amazing year had by many of our members at Charity Lakes with an impressive list of stunning large carp, like this beautiful dark 38lb mirror above from the Tench Lake, one of several large carp to be taken from the lake this year. 

This year has again been superb Charity lakes has become the premier fishery in Norfolk for outstanding carp fishing not only for the number of large carp on offer to our members but the quality of our fish is becoming renowned amongst anglers in this region and beyond with so many stunning fish available, arguably topped by our incredible common at over 38lbs.

All three lakes have fished exceptionally well with the Main Lake being the focus for the majority of carp fishing, and it hasn’t disappointed our members with over a dozen different thirty-pound fish brought to the bank along with large numbers of fish to high twenties, also a very surprising visitor showed up this year in the form of a 42lb catfish.

The Tench Lake has also received its fair share of attention from members fishing for carp this year and has shown what a superb water the Tench Lake has become with over thirty different fish noted all in beautiful condition. And of course, the much-neglected Long Lake has as always turned up many surprises with carp to high twenties caught amongst the lily pads, along with some lovely tench & bream to double figures, and large catches of skimmer bream and silvers on the pole. The Tench Lake is renowned as one of the best tench waters in the region and rightly so with members taking large catches of tench week after week many of these beautiful fish topping 7-8lbs

A further stocking of double figure carp will continue this spring to build on the long-term future this fishery has to offer our members as the best all round syndicate fishery in Norfolk, and with our fish growing at the outstanding rates they currently are we are confident we can provide some of the largest stunning fish Norfolk has to offer.

As we now look forward to the warmer months and the start of a new season ahead membership for the new season is well under way, and as spaces are now already very limited on this superb fishery please visit our membership pages to place your name on our online waiting list application form by following this link


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