Fishery Rules

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1. The Management/Trustees reserve the right to refuse membership, including anyone who they consider has directly or indirectly caused detriment to the fishery or Charitable Trust.

2. The Management/Trustees reserve the right to close all or part of the fishery at any time.

3. The Management/landowners do not accept responsibility for any personal loss or injury and/or loss or damage to property.

4. Fishery keys remain the property of the fishery/charitable trust and must be returned upon completion of membership, failure to do so will disqualify future membership applications.

 5. All anglers must be in possession of a current EA rod licence and shall comply with the Salmon and Fresh  
Water Fisheries Acts and Bylaws thereof. In particular, baited rods must be attended at all times.  

 6. Members must only fish from “swims” and are not permitted in the No Fishing areas at any time. Members must not cut down trees, create any structure, or damage the bank in any way.

 7. Children under the age of 16 may not night fish unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  

 8. Anglers must show consideration for all other users and comply with reasonable requests of the bailiffs.  

 9. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under full control at all times. Owners are required to clean up after their dogs. A dog bin is situated outside the main gate. 

10. No access to, or egress from, the fishery to be made: between 10.00 pm and 5.00 am except in an emergency, or where the judgment of the bailiff on duty permits the rule to be waived.  

 11. The placing of bivvies must be done with due regard for the convenience and safety of other users.

 12. The practice of retaining a swim by leaving tackle, bivvies, buckets, bags or any other equipment unattended is not permitted.  

 13. No rods to be left unattended or spread out in different swims. We have a zero tolerance policy in this matter. Members found away from their swim while leaving their rods unattended in the water will be asked to leave the fishery. If you leave your swim, reel in.

 14. No radios (personal earphones accepted), fires or litter. Any angler found with litter in their swim will be held responsible for that litter.  

 15. No climbing trees, swimming, bathing, paddling, boating, sailing, skating, or use of dinghies for any fishing purposes.

 16. The use of a bait boat or drones of any kind is not allowed.  

 17. No keep nets to be used. Adequate sized landing nets and unhooking mats must be used.  

 18. Specimen fish should be retained for as short a period as possible before being photographed and returned.  

 19. Only fixed lead rigs that incorporate safe systems by which the lead can pull free of the rig are permitted.  

 20. Only barbless or semi-barbed hooks may be used. We do not allow braided mainline to be used.

 21. All particle baits, including seeds, nuts, grains and pulses, must be properly prepared including soaking for twenty-four hours prior to cooking.  

 22. No pre-baiting allowed bait may only be introduced to your swim at the time of fishing, includes surface floater fishing.

 23. No fish may be brought to or removed from the fishery or moved from one part of the fishery to another.  

Additional Rules for Long Lake Applies To All Members

 24. Fishing sessions are limited to a period of 48 hours.

 25. Two rods only may be used when fishing this lake.  

Additional Rules for Pike fishing allowed from 1st October

 26. Two rods only.   

 27. No live baiting. This ensures non-movement of fish on the site and avoids the possible spread of disease.  

 28. Barbless or semi-barbed double or treble hooks only. No more than two hooks on each trace.  

 29. Minimum breaking strain line of 15lbs.  

 30. Wire traces must always be used - 18” x 30lbs b/s.  

Additional Rules for River Fishing  

 31. All gates to and from the river must be closed and locked at all times after use as these form part of the predator protection for the fishery.  

 32. Members must not trespass outside of the river fishery boundaries at any time.  

 33. Exceptional care must be taken when fishing the river. As a natural, rural, area, conditions can change quickly with rising water levels and banks becoming slippery or undercut; members are required to inform bailiffs immediately should any areas be noted as unsafe.  

 34. Members may form their own fishing areas/swims. However in order to do so, they may not cut down trees, create any structure, or damage the bank in any way.  
Notices/Additional rules not covered elsewhere

35. The fishery has a zero tolerance policy on litter including tea bags. Every member is responsible for removing all litter found on site. All litter is your litter and must be removed.  

36. All members are required to keep to the tracks and footpaths at all times as some areas may become boggy in wet conditions.

37. No visitors or guests are allowed at the fishery unless authorised by the fishery manager for which a valid permit will be issued (See inner back page). Any member bringing a visitor or guest onto site will be held fully responsible and accountable for that person at all times.

38. In any period of high winds, named storms, or winds of 50 mph or above forecast/reported by the meteorological office and/or the BBC the fishery will be deemed closed and members will be expected to leave and not return or visit the fishery for the duration of the storm or while the weather warning is in place.

39. Unauthorised use of fishery keys is forbidden (e.g. transferring to a family member or non-member) and may result in suspension or refusal of a permit.  

40. Vehicle access is restricted around the fishery please do not proceed beyond the no vehicle access signs unless you are authorised to do so for which a valid parking permit will have been issued.  

41. The parking of vehicles is strictly limited to designated car parks only, there is no parking allowed around the fishery. No responsibility will be accepted for vehicles parked at the fishery at any time. No Parking is allowed outside of the main fishery gate.

42. We do not allow the use of cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans, or converted vehicles to be used as bivvies’ or in place of bivvies while at the fishery.

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